Friday Fellowship

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What Is Friday Fellowship?

Every Friday afternoon at 2:30p, the residents of Northshire Nursing Home get to participate in Friday Fellowship; a time for guests to come in and put on a simple program for the residents lasting no more than a half hour.

So what does this have to do with you? Well, we get to fill August’s schedule! This is a perfect way to BE THE OUTREACH in a no-pressure environment, but one that will make an impact on these precious people!

" 🤔What's Friday Fellowship?" you ask? It’s very simple, really. It's a time for people to come in to hold a simple "program" for the residents from 2:30p to 3:00p. This could be just about anything! Sharing a talent such as singing, poetry reading, playing an instrument, painting, wood carving, performing skits, etc. or showing off a collection, recounting a special trip with a picture slide show, or even something as simple reminiscing of farming! It doesn't have to be spiritual in nature and we're encouraged to think outside the box!

Still have questions? This is an extension of Living Word's Nursing Home Ministry, so call our Nursing Home Ministry Coordinator, Linda Jordan at 712-363-3462.


All the dates for this year are filled, but if you'd like more information about our Nursing home ministry, tap the link below.