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Why Do We Give?

The topic of giving, or tithing (giving a tenth), is hotly debated, both inside the church and out. So, at Living Word, we keep things simple, and rely on what the Bible tells us about giving.


All donations to Living Word are tax deductible and you will receive a giving statement at the end of the year.

The Fine Print

The Mogiv™ system meets or exceeds all applicable rules and regulations imposed by governing state and federal law, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, collectively governed by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI / DSS). Donor bank card and bank account numbers, addresses and expiration dates and any other personal account information are transmitted and retained exclusively in a secure encrypted manner within a system and servers which have been certified as PCI / PA / DSS complaint.

In Layman's Terms

‣ Mogiv™ is compliant with the strictest standards governing the processing of electronic payments.
‣ Mogiv™ has never had a security breach.
‣ Giving online is often MORE secure than giving via check as checks have account numbers and routing numbers printed directly on them and displayed for all to see.
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