Join us at Foundation Church for a multi-church Night Of Worship


Last year in January, several members of Living Word’s worship team participated with worship leaders from seven other churches (four from Spencer and three from across the country) in an event at Foundation Church called Merge N.O.W. (Night Of Worship).

It was a beautiful time of unity where worshippers from multiple congregations gathered in corporate worship of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Check out the recap video from last year's event below.


This event has been reorganized this year and here are the details...

WHAT IS IT?: MERGE N.O.W. is an ecumenical (fancy word meaning 'representing a number of different Christian churches') gathering of worshippers with one goal in mind — uniting our voices in praise and worship to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

WHO'S IT FOR?: Anyone, from any church, anywhere who wants to join together as the capital C Church and worship our King.

WHERE IS IT?: Foundation Church — 1410 W 18th St Spencer, IA 51301

WHEN IS IT?: 6:00p on Friday, February 8th, 2019