About Us

Who we are, where we come from, and where we're headed as a church family


Here's the deal, Living Word cares about one thing more than anything else; Jesus Christ. We are a family of individuals who have found life-changing power in Jesus and simply want to help as many people as possible experience God's love, power, and presence. At Living Word, you will be encouraged and equipped with the Word of God so you can not only live a victorious life, but influence and change your world around you by demonstrating the love God has placed in your heart.


Living Word Outreach Ministries started in 1978 as Gospel of the Living Word Church by a few families in a garage. The name change occurred in 1995 when Pastor Al moved to Spencer from Sioux City, Iowa to begin pastoring the church. Feeling a call of God on the church to reach out to Spencer and the surrounding communities, Pastor Al renamed the church.


What's the bottom line? More than ever, Living Word is committed to fostering a family built around four key mission points:

Pursuing God

Encouraging Growth

Developing Faith

Demonstrating Love

We believe that each of these has a vital role to play in our lives if we want to live abundant lives in Jesus. But there's so much to unpack in each of those points, so to learn more about Living Word's Mission and Vision, click here.


Most importantly, it means that wherever you're at in your faith journey, you're welcome at Living Word! None of us were meant to do life or Christianity alone, so we need each other. That's why God established the capital C Church, the Body of Christ. We all help and support each other in expanding the Kingdom of God on the earth, and yes, you have a role in expanding the Kingdom. Let us help you find it. We can hardly wait to meet you!