Our Leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Living Word

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Living Word.

Alan & Barbara Dean — Lead Pastors

"God wants to make you whole - spirit, body, soul, socially, and financially!" — Pastor Al

From the time he was a young boy, Pastor Al felt the strong call of God on His life. As he reached young adulthood, he was supernaturally drawn to fully surrender his life to Jesus Christ. He was instantly filled with an intense craving for the Word of God and purposed in his heart to know God more intimately through prayer and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

For 13 years, Pastor Al served the Lord in any and every capacity he could at his home church in Sioux City, Iowa, where he met his future wife, Barbara. They were joined in the covenant of marriage in 1985 and served God in the church together. In 1995 they were sent out to begin pastoring in Spencer, Iowa at Living Word Outreach Ministries.

Pastor Al & Pastor Barb believe that God loves all people and has a great plan for their individual lives as they become doers of the Word of God. It is their burning desire to see the Body of Christ blessed and ready to be a blessing to all those around them. Their ministry is marked with demonstrations of the power of God through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and anointed, spirit-led preaching.


Lonnie & Cindy Meister — Youth Pastor

Pastor Lonnie & Cindy Meister began attending Living Word in 1999 and started serving in ministry immediately. Their desire is to see junior high and high school aged kids develop a real relationship with Jesus.

Pastor Lonnie enjoys a good NASCAR race and has even driven one before. He went over 184 mph. That was a good day.

"Jesus will never give up on you." - Pastor Lonnie

Curt & Tonya Langner — Kid's Pastor

Pastor Curt & Tonya Langner joined the Living Word family in 1996 and have served in almost every volunteer capacity at Living Word. Their passion is kids (evident in their seven children) and teaching them that Jesus loves them.

Pastor Curt likes to strike up conversations with strangers at the gas pump while Tonya waits, embarrassed, in the car.

"God can work through kids just like He can work through adults." - Pastor Curt

Alyce Speight — Secretary

Alyce Speight has been on staff at Living Word since 2004. Her's is the cheerful voice you'll most likely hear when you call the church office. She's married to her husband, Howie, and they have three kids, Alyssa, Austin, and Stephen.

Alyce gets teased that she's an old lady because she likes to crochet, but the fact remains that she's really good at it. Ask her about it sometime.

"Walking by faith takes great courage." - Alyce

Mark Feauto — Administrative Assistant

Mark Feauto has been coming to Living Word since he was 10 years old. He met his wife, Chelsey, in youth group at Living Word and in December 2017, their precious little boy, Malachi, was born.

Mark is a musician, tech geek, an Apple fanboy, and a servant at heart.

"It only takes one moment with God to change your life forever." - Mark

Jean Johnson — Worship Leader

Jean Johnson has been a part of the Living Word family since 1996 when she and her husband, Eric, moved to town. Her unrelenting passion to love God in song makes her a precious part of our leadership team.

Jean also likes cats. She has three. Poor Eric.

"Our greatest desire should be to love and be loved by our Heavenly Father" - Jean

Aaron & Monica Rosacker — Ambassador Directors

Aaron Rosacker grew up as a hoodlum in the church. He eventually brought his then girlfriend, Monica, to church where she realized Jesus was the missing piece to her broken life. Together, they've been growing in