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Last Update: 1/21/20


Hospitality Ministry Meeting

The fourth of our four mission points is to Demonstrate Love. This is a vital piece to the puzzle because we can do all the things, but if we don't have love while doing them, we're just a noise (see 1 Corinthians 13:1-3). This is true wherever we are - at home, on the job, out shopping, or in the church building on a Sunday.

One ministry here at Living Word that puts action to this crucial aspect of our strategy is our Hospitality Ministry. This is a fantastic ministry to join if you love people, love to serve, and want to find a place to get plugged into ministry at Living Word.

There’s a meeting right after church on Sunday, February 7th for roughly 30 minutes to provide updates for current Hospitality Team Members, as well as info for anyone who may want to join this important team.

January Weekday Morning Prayer

Through the month of January, there will be a prayer time at the church every weekday morning (Mon-Fri) from 8:00a-9:00a.

The focus of this prayer meeting is to start 2021 out in prayer, praying over the new year as the Holy Spirit leads. We will undoubtedly pray for the Church, the nation and our leaders, our community, our church family, etc...

Can’t make them all or can’t be there for the whole time? Come to any you can make it to and for however long you can be there and bring your supply!

And if mornings don’t work in your schedule, don’t forget that Janice Larson leads her Intercessory Prayer Group Monday evenings at 5:00p.



Please be in agreement with us that these needs will be taken care of. If you can help with anything in the list below, contact us to let us know.


  • Facility Maintenance Coordinator
  • Nursing Home Ministry Coordinator
  • [5] Nursery Team Members
  • [3] Pre-K Room Teacher (adults)
  • [4] Pre-K Room Helpers (youth)
  • [1] Elementary Teaching Team
  • 1st person, adult… 2nd person, adult or youth
  • Tech Team Members (sound, camera, projector)
  • Worship Team (instrumentalists & vocalists)


  • House Remodel (unknown total amount)
  • New Video Camera (~$3,000)
  • New Video Lighting Equipment (~$350)